Basic Engraving – Single Side – Engraved Glass Blocks

Choose from simple engravings that include holidays, sports, inspirational passages, letters, numbers or combinations.

Basic Engraving – Double Side – Engraved Glass Blocks

 Single 2D image on the front and a single 2D image on the rear engraved in reverse so it is viewable from the front 

Photography – Engraved Glass Blocks

3D single sided engraving  images with or without custom messages on front of block only. 

Mural – Engraved Glass Blocks

Image stretched over multiple glass blocks for a truly unique window or wall. Special order only.

Regular Etching

Regular etching only engraves the detail of your graphic or image. Seen below:

Inverted Etching

Inverted Etching engraves the negative space and leaves the details as clear glass. Seen below:

Font Gallery

While we can engrave in any font, certain fonts are sized and look better engraved. Our go-to fonts are Times New Roman, Old English, Lucidia , and Brush Script.

Below we will show samples of each in normal and inverted etching.

Times New Roman


Old English




Brush Script