Refund Policy

Due to the nature of customization in our products, our refund policy has to be strict. We offer refunds under the following conditions, timelines and at our sole discretion.

1. We may provide you a refund if you cancel and order before we start on your product

2. We may provide you a refund/replacement if we make a mistake during engraving

3. We may provide you a refund/replacement if there is damage the occurs during shipping. This damage must be reported within five business days of receiving the shipment. Please inspect your shipments promptly and carefully.

4. We may provide you a refund if there is a stock shortage or supply chain disruption. We monitor our inventory closely. If there are longer than expected delays, we will be sure to place a store notice sitewide.

We will not offer refunds for mistakes made by you in special order instructions or text to be engraved. A best practice is to spell check when applicable and have another review your work.

If you have a glass block the receives accidental damage, we can help to replace that at a discount. We keep our image editing work for long periods of time for this reason and repeat orders.