Basic Double Side Engraved Glass Block


(Your Design)

  • Basic 2D double sided engraving. Images on both sides of the block.
    • Includes the option for standard messages with option to include a name, date, etc..
  • Glass block – Hollowed out into a bank or display container

Choose from simple engravings that include holidays, sports, inspirational passages, letters, numbers or combinations.

Clear 8" x 8"
Clear 6" x 6"
Clear 8" x 4"
Wave 8" x 8"


Additional information

Glass Block Pattern
Clear 8" x 8"

Clear 8 inch by 8 inch block

Clear 6" x 6"

Clear 6 inch by 6 inch block

Clear 8" x 4"

Clear 8 inch by 4 inch block

Wave 8" x 8"

Wave 8 inch by 8 inch block


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